Friday, July 8, 2011

The Maggie Necklace

Sadly, the Maggie necklace, which has been a staple in my business, will retire at the end of this month.  Maggie is one of my favorite pieces because there are so many colors, it goes with EVERYTHING.  I get so many compliments on this piece, I will truly miss it!
The Maggie necklace, item #30L97.  It's a nice long necklace (38-41 inches) that you can wear long or doubled like I did in the next two pictures.  All of our long necklaces look great long or doubled, so depending on your neckline, you can get several looks in one piece.

It's great long.  You can adjust it to 38 inches or 41 inches, depending on what you're wearing and where you like it to fall.

To double it, just wrap it around your neck twice and then clasp it where you're comfortable.  You can wear them double close together, or you can arrange it so one loop is tighter and the other one hangs down longer.

Like all of our long necklaces, this also makes a nice bracelet.  The 3 inches of clasps makes it adjustable to fit your wrist.

And, for those who like to show off their curves, any of our long necklaces can be worn as belts and you can clasp it wherever you like.

Yes, the Maggie is a little pricey.  It's $120 but that is the perfect item to get at half price.  Get yourself two other items that are a lot cheaper and then this one will only be $60.

Since it's July, our special is even better.  Buy just ONE other item at full price (and it can even be our $19 earrings) and then you can get the Maggie for $60.

Host a show and get it for free.

The possibilities are endless.

Click here to purchase.

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