If you need to fundraise, talk to me and let's see what we can do.

One of the benefits of being an independent advisor with lia sophia is that I can decide how to help out with fundraising.  I have done a variety of fundraising events and it has been great for the organization that is having it as well as for my business.

I often give raffle prizes and auction items to groups that are doing that kind of fundraiser.

I have given portions of my profits toward scholarships for Cape Cod Young Professionals and the Cape Cod Chapter of the American Business Women's Association.  I have also donated money from my shows to Champ Homes, Cultural Center of Cape Cod,  A Baby Center, school field trips, school social worker's family assistance and more.

If you aren't a fan of jewelry, you can still host a show, and then you can take all of the free jewelry that you will earn and use that for another fundraiser such as an auction or raffle.  2 for 1!  I will give a portion of my profits and you can use the jewelry for your next event.

I also usually extend the giving to anyone who has booked a show through your show.  So, if I give 30% of my profits to your organization and 3 people book shows from yours, I will also give 30% of my profits from those shows to your organization.

If you dont' live near me, we can still fundraise by just using the catalogs and website.  It's not quite as much fun if I can't show you the gorgeous jewelry, but it can still help if you're trying to raise money!