Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Glitterati Bracelets

The Glitterati bracelets are simply- PRETTY!  They come in silver like I have here, or hematite for a black finish with the crystals.  Check out my site and you can see the hematite one.
This is one I usually wear without any other bracelets because it really stands out as a solo piece!
This is not a stretch bracelet.  It has a clasp with an extra piece to be sure it won't come off.
The price tag is a little steep at $120, but you could host a show and get this for free. 

Or you could get it at half price if you take advantage of our July special.  All you need to do it buy one other item at full price, even our $19 earrings, and then you can have this for just $60!

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