Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Friday Lia Sophia Special!

When you're gearing up for your Black Friday shopping this year, keep me in mind too! Before you even leave the house for all that Black Friday madness, be sure to give me your order for the holidays and save, save, save!

The special is buy 2 items and take up to 4 more at half price (the most expensive items will be half price,)

BUT, I am offering extra special deals for Black Friday only:

Call (leave a message with your order!) or place an order by email or my website on 11/23 and get free shipping plus :

--from 6am-7am get an additional 40% off!

--from 7am-8am get an additonal 30% off!

--from 8am-9am get an additional 20% off!

--from 9am until 11pm get an additional 10% off!

Be sure to check out to plan your purchases now! Ask your family during the holiday to make their wishlists too!

All orders with 3 items or more will be entered into my 20 piece raffle too.

All details must be left in the message during specific times for extra savings

JoAnna Watson
Your lia sophia Advisor

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